Choosing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as a Career

Choosing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as a Career
What We Do:

As an integral part of the community Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC&R) technicians service, maintain and install all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. A refrigeration technician’s biggest contribution is to food preservation; ensuring the integrity of what we all eat; and the main focus for an air conditioning specialist, is to keep air in controlled environments cool, warm and clean.

HVAC&R technicians also make a great commitment to the environment, through using energy efficient technology, great “codes of practice”, natural refrigerants, and by saving the world “one gas leak at a time!”

Skills Involved:

The refrigeration and air conditioning trade combines various disciplines into one specialised field. A four-year apprenticeship sees you completing similar tasks to an electrician or a plumber, but, will add in a touch of mathematics, science and physics to spark your interest.

Work Anywhere in the World:

As a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning technician, you will be in demand where ever you go. Australian technicians are some of the best-trained in the world, we are diverse, versatile and resilient, throw in our great sense of humour and “Banff, Alberta” here we come!

Future Prospects:

Great technicians looking for more can complete additional studies and move into the areas of drafting, engineering, consultancy or project management. Young entrepreneurs can even start their own business and in time create the same opportunities given to them by offering new apprenticeships to the next batch of future fridgies.

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry is full of great people and can be fantastically rewarding, once you start, you’ll never look back. Take pride in your work, make steps every day to complete your trade, enjoy your journey and
endeavour to become an “awesome craftsman”.

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